The Center for Justice and Social Compassion offers training, seminars and workshops to address homelessness issues.  Topics include:

  • The Myths of Homelessness Series.  Myths They Cannot Live By:  Explore with Christine the many myths about homeless people that hinder social compassion and impede social action to alleviate their distress.
  • Helping Homeless People Get Their ID:  Certified Birth Certificates, California DMV-Issued Photo IDs and Social Security Cards.
  • Three Steps of Ending Homelessness.
  • Service Without Fear – Alleviating Hunger:  An experiential workshop for all ages.  Participants learn to alleviate hunger through direct service personally guided by CJSC director Christine.
  • Service Providers, Unite!
  • Homelessness by the Numbers.
  • A Sign of the Times:  Homeless Veterans.
  • Battered Into Homelessness.
  • Do Homeless People Have Rights?
  • The Joy of Service.
  • Food For Thought:  The Charitable Giving of Food.
  • Remembering Mama Lee.
  • Direct Service:  How You Can Help Someone in Need.
  • How to Help a Homeless Person:  Guide to Gift Bags.
  • Overcoming Nimbyism – Not in My Backyard:  How to build community support for housing programs for homeless people.
  • How to Ask Questions That Count and Avoid Bias in questions for information gathering.
  • Training Enumerators to Count:  Preparing volunteers for safe interactions during the census.
  • The Who, What, When, Where and How of Homelessness:  Participate in the discussion of the reason for and solutions for homelessness.
  • Stepping Toward Solutions:  A walk with Christine through the challenges of homelessness (workshop involves discussion and role-playing).
  • Why Me?  Homeless Veterans Without Honor:  Discovering how honor can be restored through common decency of living conditions.
  • What of the Children?  Where Can I Go?  Addressing the perils and needs facing young people without homes.
  • Issues of Law and Public Policy:  How Can We Help?  Especially designed for law and public policy makers and public administrators;  recommended for law school students as well.

And much more…